Scrap Brain is a hardcore punk band from London and Oxford.

on Drunken Sailor & Thrilling Living.

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A Taste of the Madness: Promo CS - self release, 2019
Die TERF Scum, Crybaby, Machine War (Sarcasm cover), Gates Of Steel (Devo cover), We Like To Party! (Vengaboys cover), Graveyard (Dead Moon cover).
Tracks 1-2 from A Journey Into Madness. 50 copies on yellow and blue. Download

Unhappy Hardcore EP - Thrilling Living, 2018
MPNQ, Don't Talk To Me, Vindictive, BPD, Scrap Brain.
7" EP, 400 copies on black. Buy (UK) | Buy (US) | Download

Live CS - self release, 2018
BPD, Jemble Bastard, Sad Song, Gates of Steel (Devo cover), Vindictive, Floundering, Don't Look At Me, MPNQ, Scrap Brain. Recorded at The Pipeline, Brighton in April 2018. 25 copies on gold glitter. Download

Demo CS - self release, 2016
Sad Song, Jemble Bastard, Don't Talk To Me, Snake With Fists, BPD.
Cassette demo. 50 copies on safety yellow, 150 copies on orange. Download


28.02.2020   Centre for Contemporary Arts, Brighton
with The Estate Agents, Plastics

24.01.2020   DIY Space for London, London
with Plastics, Sorcerer, The Annihilated

06.12.2019   DIY Space for London, London
with Danielle, Marcel Wave, Lola, Temporary Secretary

17.11.2019   The Jericho Tavern, Oxford
with Mannequin Pussy, Blood Horse

27.10.2019   The Wheatsheaf, Oxford
with Melt Banana, UNMAN

28.09.2019   La Pétroleuse, Caen, France
with Opal Sword, Et On Toura Tous Les Affreux

27.09.2019   Lune Froide, Nantes, France
with Coupe Gorge

26.09.2019   Gaztetxe, Getaria, Basque Country
with Disasko, Dizerdit

25.09.2019   Coco, Madrid, Spain
with The Conscripts, CPU

24.09.2019   Sotofu, Barcelona, Catalonia
with Lux, Foc

23.09.2019   La Cave à Rock, Toulouse, France
with Radical Kitten

22.09.2019   T28, Milan, Italy
with Anoo Omega, Jilted

20.09.2019   Podrum, Rijeka, Croatia
with DDR

19.09.2019   Auróra, Budapest, Hungary
with Észlelés

18.09.2019   Underdogs, Prague, Czechia
with Pious Faults, Or

17.09.2019   Chmury, Warsaw, Poland
with Flux, ZZ GOB

16.09.2019   An der Autobahn, Berlin, Germany
with The Conscripts, VVRNGDNG

15.09.2019   SubstAnZ, Osnabrück, Germany
with Without Human Trait, Invisible Hand

14.09.2019   OCCII, Amsterdam, Netherlands
with Danbart Nobacon, Daisy Daisy

31.08.2019   The Lexington, London
with Limp Wrist, Gimp World

30.08.2019   Exchange, Bristol
with Hard Skin, Gimp World, Bruno

09.08.2019   Port Mahon, Oxford
with Grub, Dream Phone

19.07.2019   Amersham Arms, London
with Cowtown, Tonsils

09.07.2019   Boston Music Room, London
with Le Butcherettes

26.06.2019   DIY Space for London, London
with Sarcasm, Child's Pose, Livid, Sniffany and The Nits

20.06.2019   Blitz, Oslo, Norway
with Problems, Börn, Gestures, Svartepeeng
(Byllepest Weekend II)

02.06.2019   DIY Space for London, London
with Halaca, World Foods, Peach Of Shit

23.05.2019   Goldsmiths Student Union, London

18.05.2019   The Stag's Head, London
with Negative Space, Efialtis, The Sidewalk Is A River

22.04.2019   The Library, Oxford
with Youth Avoiders, Basic Dicks, DSA

21.04.2019   Cathay's Youth and Community Centre, Cardiff
with Negative Space, Basic Dicks, Disjoy, Glib, Slow Murder

20.04.2019   Quadrant, Brighton
with Negative Space, Basic Dicks, Plastics

19.04.2019   Stag and Hounds, Bristol
with Negative Space, Basic Dicks, Neurotic Fiction, Airborne Faggotry, Decide Today

18.04.2019   Sister Midnight Records, London
with Basic Dicks, The Worms, Misery Guts

01.03.2019   New River Studios, London
with Chain Cult, The Wound, Implement (Static Shock Weekend 2019)

23.02.2019   The Cellar, Oxford
with Basic Dicks, Blood Horse, Jeff, Fancy Dress Party, Misery Guts, Junk Whale, Worry (Jen Fest 2019)

07.12.2018   The Criterion, Leicester
with Anatomy, Sweetbellechobaby

27.11.2018   Boston Music Room, London
with The Minneapolis Uranium Club Band, Sauna Youth

28.09.2018   DIY Space for London, London
with Primitive Parts, Efialtis, Top Deck

11.09.2018   100 Club, London
with Screaming Females, Rodents

10.09.2018   The Cellar, Oxford
with Screaming Females, Lithics

09.09.2018   Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff
with Screaming Females, Knowbetter

08.09.2018   The Exchange, Bristol
with Screaming Females, Es

07.09.2018   Band On The Wall, Manchester
with Screaming Females, Mold

06.09.2018   Bloc, Glasgow
with Sete Star Sept, Atomçk, Droves

05.09.2018   Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
with Screaming Females, Longbody

04.09.2018   The Mash House, Edinburgh
with Screaming Females, Fistymuffs

03.09.2018   Cluny 2, Newcastle
with Screaming Females, Blóm

02.09.2018   Hare and Hounds, Birmingham
with Screaming Females, Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam

01.09.2018   DIY Space for London, London
with Molar, Irn Brunette, Cysta Cysta

27.07.2018   DIY Space for London, London
with Rapid Tan, Molar, Cecilia

29.06.2018   DIY Space for London, London
with Sarcasm, Three From Above, Joy-Rides

27.06.2018   DIY Space for London, London
with Gazm, Cell, Game, Primitive Future

11.04.2018   The Pipeline, Brighton
with Cuntroaches, Bodily Fluids

10.04.2018   Undertone, Cardiff
with Cuntroaches, Mentira

09.04.2018   The Peer Hat, Manchester
with Mentira

08.04.2018   Little Buildings, Newcastle
with Blóm, Girl Hogg

07.04.2018   Glasgow Autonomous Space, Glasgow
with Current Affairs, Kaputt, Public Service, Comfort

06.04.2018   DIY Space for London, London
with Slags, The Worms, Middex

05.04.2018   The Library, Oxford
with Salt Bath, Strong Arm, LCTG

26.01.2018   New River Studios, London
with Savage Realm, Meadows, Snob, Zek, Drore

14.12.2017   DIY Space for London, London
with Public Service, Pinkgrip, Lizard

11.11.2017   Electric Ballroom, London
with Pissed Jeans, Lone Taxidermist

02.11.2017   The Five Bells, London
with Don't Worry, Dym, Stanfield

29.07.2017   Partisan, Manchester
with Bloody Head, Solution Hours, Oh So Sonic

09.08.2017   Belmont Hill (house show), London
with Duct Hearts, Dym, Solution Hours

16.07.2017   New River Studios, London
with Sauna Youth, Middex, The Swell, Crumbling Wall

11.06.2017   The Hope and Ruin, Brighton
with Anxiety, Sauna Youth, Exotica, Ohyda, Sarcasm, Public Service, The Worms, State Funeral, Nekra, Occult Hand, Pinkgrip, The Snivellers (Torso Corso)

31.05.2017   The Stag's Head, London
with Sweetheart, Socket

19.03.2017   Vinyl Deptford, London
with PAMs, Dym

18.02.2017   DIY Space for London, London
with Ball of Destruction, Guilt Police, Hate Filled Kids, Midnight Parasite, Pinkgrip, Sarcasm, Shecket, Slab City, Stanfield, The Swell

27.01.2017   Vinyl Deptford, London
with Fex Urbis, Rapid Tan

14.01.2017   The Library, Oxford
with Generation Suicida, Tenth Listen, Cowley Chainsaws

11.12.2016   Undertone, Cardiff
with Score, Van-illa

10.12.2016   Old England, Bristol
with Healing Powers, 55 Deltic, Perfect Blue, Bedside Orchid, Score, Sunday Cunt

09.12.2016   Cowley Club, Brighton
with Artefact, Score, Disjoy, Top Knot

18.11.2016   DIY Space for London, London
with Snob, Crumbling Wall, Pinkgrip, Shecket

10.11.2016   Bethnal Green Working Men's Club, London
with Shopping, Squakeasy, Molar

08.11.2016   Cowley Club, Brighton
with The Minneapolis Uranium Club, Space Cowboys, The Snivellers

28.10.2016   DIY Space for London, London
with Bad Noids, Fex Urbis, Score

27.10.2016   Veg Bar, London
with Border, Pinkgrip, The Swell, Bånd

24.09.2016   The Owl Sanctuary, Norwich
with Pig//Control, Jackals

13.09.2016   The Library, Oxford
with Mystic Inane, Junkie Brush

13.08.2016   New River Studios, London
with No Form, Overbite, Only Human

31.07.2016   Tenterhooks, Dublin, Ireland
with Una Bestia Incontrolable, Disguise, No Form, Unyielding Love, Sissy, Strong Boys, Worst

30.07.2016   The Library, Oxford
with Guilt Police, Basic Dicks

16.07.2016   DIY Space for London, London
with Efialtis, Frau, Current Affairs

19.06.2016   DIY Space for London, London
with Sarcasm, Cianuro, Inner Peace, Molasses, Border, Score, Bruce, Savage Realm (Shay Fest)

10.06.2016   DIY Space for London, London
with Woolf, Trash Kit, Teenage Caveman

23.04.2016   DIY Space for London, London
with Side Eye, Twink Caplan, The Mooncubs, Slab City, Lads, Life! Death! Prizes!, Slags, Bulky Waste, Charm Offensive, Eden Eden Eden, Charmpit (First Timers 2016)

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